Opened in December 2016, HERB LIBRARY is an alternative concept on the in Ubud dining scene. With so many restaurants in the town now serving vegan cuisine, HERB LIBRARY’s menu dares to be a little bit different: we offer Herbivore dishes with a tasty range of carefully sourced Omnivore options!

None of our dishes are deep-fried and everything is freshly made to order. This ensures that the flavours of our herbs and vegetables, delivered within 24 hours from local farms, remain as fresh as the day they were picked!

Using more than 90% locally sourced ingredients, our menu includes an interesting selection of Balinese, Indonesian and other dishes that have a multi-cultural heritage. We focus on serving healthy, nutrition-packed, balanced, satisfying meals, full of fresh and earthy goodness. 

We also offer the most natural High Tea on the Island, a Plant-based BBQ with delicious Omnivore options, Herb & Spice Seminars and Events that introduce Local Farmers and Suppliers. Follow our Calender of Events on the HAPPENINGS page.